ProQuest Acquires CIS & UPA from LexisNexis

According to a press release, ProQuest acquired CIS & UPA from LexisNexis. The impact of this sale on law libraries is uncertain at this point. According to Mike Simmons, senior vice president of Specialty Businesses at LexisNexis: “We look forward to working with ProQuest – including licensing back certain legislative content sets from ProQuest for our legal professional customers.” Below is a list of products that were sold off and a list of products that remain with LexisNexis. [BA]

ProQuest has acquired the following LexisNexis products:
* LexisNexis Congressional (to be renamed ProQuest Congressional)
* LexisNexis Statistical Insight (to be renamed ProQuest Statistical
* LexisNexis DataSets (to be renamed ProQuest DataSets)
* LexisNexis Statutes at Large (to be renamed ProQuest Statutes at
* LexisNexis Government Periodical Index (to be renamed ProQuest
Government Periodical Index)
* LexisNexis Primary Sources in US History (to be renamed ProQuest
Primary Sources in US History)
* Congressional Hearings Digital Collection
* Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection
* Congressional Research Digital Collection
* US Serial Set Digital Collection
* US Serial Set Maps Collection
* All CIS microform and print products
* All statistical microform and print products
* All UPA microform collections

LexisNexis is retaining these academic-oriented products:
* LexisNexis Academic
* LexisNexis Library Express
* LexisNexis Scholastic
* LexisNexis State Capital
* LexisNexis for Development Professionals