We Have a Winner In the Archives Facebook Contest

2L Daniel Winegard not only identified all of the categories (save the nearly impossible bonus question, though Daniel claims to still be working on that), he also identified an adjunct professor I had missed.  In Daniel’s own words from his winning emails, the answer’s are:

“1. A member of the permanent faculty and Dean’s level cabinet administrator: Mary Z. Natkin (Mary E. Zanolli ’85). Current Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and Public Service.
2. an adjunct professor: David DeJong ’75, OR Daniel Evans ’85.
3. and a member of the administration: Andrea Hilton ’85.  Current Associate Director for Professional Development.

… I can tell you that a certain Karol K. Ulrich ’75 is the spouse of emeritus professor Joseph E. Ulrich. ”

Daniel is pictured below — his facebook photo, of course.