Archives Acquires Materials from Granddaughter of H. St. G. Tucker

The archives was fortunate to recently acquire books and other materials handed down to the granddaughter of Henry St. George Tucker.  The titles are as follows:

Tucker, Beverly.   A Series of Lectures on the Science of Government (1845) (HST autograph)

Tucker, Beverly.   The Principles of Pleading (1846) (HST autograph)

Tucker, St. George.  Blackstone’s Commentaries (1803)  3 vols.  (v. 1, 3, 4)

Tucker, St. George.  Tucker’s Blackstone .  This is a vanity binding of v. 2 with the index placed in the front.  Highly annotated

Tucker, John Randolph.  American  Bar Association Address (1893)  brittle.  Vanity binding with printed front title “For Henry St. George Tucker From his Father Henry St. George Tucker.”

Letters of John Randolph (1834)

Passmore, Rev. Joseph C.  Bishop Butler’s Ethical Discourses (1855)

Tucker, John Randolph.  MSS Address Book