Voices of American Law

The Voices of American Law project is designed to provide assistance to scholars in the study of the Supreme Court and its role in America. Created by the Duke University School of Law, the documentary series is hosted at Duke’s website and includes educational materials pertaining to eighteen critical Supreme Court cases that have played an important role in American constitutional law on subjects such as Equal Protection, the First Amendment, Eminent Domain and the Commerce Cause. In addition to court documents, court opinions, articles, interviews, and photographs, each case is accompanied by a twenty-minute documentary featuring interviews with the individual parties, their attorneys, and the judges. By telling the stories of the real people involved in these matters, the videos bring the cases to life for researchers, students, and faculty and ultimately lead to a deeply interested and better informed audience. Teaching and study guides are also available. Most materials, such as the photos, court documents, court opinions and lesson plans are available for free through the website. The videos are available for purchase at a price of $35 each. A PDF order form may be downloaded from the site, and compelling trailers of each video are available for viewing prior to ordering