Human Rights Web Archive

Human Rights Web Archive is a project of Columbia University Libraries to preserve copies of websites that provide important resources about human rights. Although an enormous quantity of valuable information is available via the Internet, much of that information disappears every day as websites are taken down or altered. Columbia University Libraries has partnered with the Internet Archive’s service Archive-It (reviewed in InSITE vol. 15, no. 13) to create preservation copies of websites with significant value to the study and promotion of human rights. Examples of sites archived by the project include the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, and Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism. Selected websites are crawled and copied 2-4 times per year. The search function searches the full text of the archived websites. Advanced search is available by clicking on the link to the Internet Archive Project Site. You can also view the list of archived sites on the Internet Archive Project Site page. A brief annotation accompanies most of the listed sites. The list of websites functions as a catalog of important human rights websites and organizations. At publication date Columbia had archived more than 210 sites related to human rights. The Archive welcomes nominations of sites for inclusion, especially from NGOs that wish to nominate their own sites. Columbia archives only publicly available Web pages for this project.